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    -Print on round or square lid/cover;
    -Max. printing speed: 8000pcs/hour
    -Qty of Colorhead: 4-7 units for Dry offset cup lid printing machine
    -Max. printing breadth: 200*200mm
    -Max. printing depth: 45mm
    -Overall dimension: 6400*1000*1550mm
    Main features:
    -Well build colorhead based on 30 years of manufacturing experience;
    -8 rollers in one colorhead to ensure the ink distribution;
    -Easy access to product handling area and printing area;
    -Automatic feeding of lid;
    -Easy printing plate mounting;
    -Automatic stacking of lid after UV curing;
    -Ink fountains and rollers are easy detached for cleaning and replacing;
    Pictures of Dry offset cup lid printing machine:
    Printing part:
    Whole machine:
    Printed lid:
    1.What is your main products?
    -We have focused on manufacturing of dry offset printers since 1980s. Main products are offset cup/bowl printer, pail/bucket printer, lid printer, tube printer and square box printer.
    2.What is the warranty time of Dry offset cup lid printing machine?
    -All products’ warranty time is 1 year after sale.
    3.Where is your factory and how can we visit it?
    -Our factory locates in Guangshui city, Suizhou city, Hubei province, China. It is about 850 miles from Shanghai and 1100 miles from Guangzhou. The nearest high-speed train station is XIAOGANBEI railway station, it is about 30 min drive from our factory. The nearest airport is Wuhan Tianhe international airport. We need 2 hours to get there.
    4.How does the Dry offset cup lid printing machine work?
    -The rollers in colorhead transfer the ink from the inkwell to the printing plate, the printing plate transfer the graphic/picture to the rubber blanket, then the rubber blanket rubs the lid/cover on the model and transfer the graphic/picture to the surface of lid/cover. After UV curing, the graphic/picture is dry and stick to the lid/cover.
    5.How to do the maintenance of Dry offset cup lid printing machine?
    -Put 40#-50# machine oil on the surface of gear at plate rollers and blanket rollers, do not put too much to prevent oil from splashing into colorhead;
    -Put the same oil around the mandrel of channeling roller to make sure the channeling roller rolls smoothly at both axial and radial direction;
    -Replace the oil in dividing box and transmission case 8-12 months depends on how often you use the machine.
    -Add machine oil to the lubricating nipples, sliding plate on base, gears on the machine every shaft.
    -When replace the bearing, put mechanical butter in the new bearing before installation.China Lid Offset Printer manufacturers

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