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    SDJ-3000 series high speed double sheet stitching machine
    (four servo drives)
    The top level quality stitching machine in China, and widely installed in worldwide markets. For more information, pls feel free to contact us!
    The maximum paper size (A + B)X26000mm
    The minimum size (A+ B)X21060mm
    The maximum carton length, A2850mm
    The minimum carton length, A350mm
    The maximum carton width, B1500mm
    The minimum carton width, B220mm
    The minimum sheet height, C+D+C400mm
    Pin distance, adjustable30-150mm
    Pin number1-99
    Mechanical speed600pins/min
    Machine dimensions, length, width8450X4900mm
    Maximum grooving nail length500mm
    Maximum TS width, E40mm
    Minimum first nail position20mm (no cover)
    If the high-end sdj-3000 semi automatic high speed double head box stitching machine caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the quality products for sale with us. We’re one of the professional manufacturers in China, and we will offer you unmatched prices and service.China box stitcher

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