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    70 kg capacity steam heating automatic dryer
    Steam dryer will continue to stir the material from the bottom to the upper layer, so that the drying pipe is more direct drying of the material, while the upper part of the material distribution slope and the lower part of the material drying bucket drying twice to ensure the drying effect, Improve the drying efficiency, saving energy.

    70 kg capacity steam heating automatic dryer description
    Steam heating automatic dryer heat source from the combustion device, the dryer using downstream heating method. So the need to dry the material, from the feed box, the feed slip into the cylinder, that is, after the screw plate to push back. As the dryer tilted place, the material on the one hand in the gravity and the role of rotation to the back of the back, on the other hand the material is copied repeatedly copied from the top to the top and then continue to spread, so that the material in the tube to form a uniform screen Curtain, full of hot air with the tube for heat exchange, as the material repeatedly Yang Sa, the moisture contained in the drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

    Product features and description
    1. Steam heating automatic dryer high efficiency, fast heating; reasonable structure, low noise; easy to operate.
    2. Steam heating automatic dryer electric heating tube is made of stainless steel, heating up fast, high heat efficiency.
    3. Steam heating automatic dryer liner are made of national standard stainless steel plate.
    4. Steam heating automatic dryer with computer controller, the performance is more stable, more accurate temperature control.
    5. Steam heating automatic dryer professional for garment factories, washing plants, hotels, hotels, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises.
    Steam heating automatic dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries.Tumble Dryer in stock

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