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    Conveyor Type Shot Blaster working principle:
    It is sent to the closed shot blasting chamber by the conveying roller. The impeller with high speed rotating by the blasting machine is accelerated to the surface of the workpiece by steel grit (projectile), and the surface of the workpiece is impacted and scraped to remove the rust and dirt on the surface of the workpiece. Then, using the sweeping, rolling brush, pelletizing screw and high-pressure blow pipe to purify the pellet and floating dust on the surface of the workpiece. (This is a steel structure shot blasting machine. Only the steel sheet is used for sweeping, rolling, pelleting and high pressure. Blowpipe, although some steel shot blasting machines also use high-pressure blowpipes to blow the pellets on the surface of the workpiece, but the effect is not satisfactory, the customer has used it for a long time to dismantle it.) It is sent out by the delivery roller, so that the steel can be derusted. The purpose of rust prevention.Through Shot Blasting Machine Made in China

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