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  • astao44 posted an update 4 weeks ago

    silicon nitride riser tube uses: The aluminum liquid is lifted into the mold by pressure through a silicon nitride tube.
    Technical data:
    Parameters: pressure sintering silicon nitride
    Density: >3.2g/cm3
    Si3N4 content: >92%
    Flexural strength: >600Mpa
    Compressive strength: >1500Mpa
    Thermal conductivity (W/mk): 16-22
    Porosity: 0
    Thermal expansion coefficient (RT-1000 ° C): 3.2
    Maximum working temperature (in air): 1400 ° C
    Hardness (HRA): >92
    Regular size:
    Inner diameter: φ50~200mm.
    Wall thickness: 10mm
    Length: 500~1100mm.
    We can produce according to your drawings.Silicon Nitride Ceramic

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