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    CNC Horizontal knee and column milling machine
    Main Specification
    Item Unit Specs
    PrecisionHigh Precision
    Worktable Size (WXL)mm21500×1000
    Pass Widthmm1900
    T-SLOTT-slot Widthmm22
    T-slot Pitchmm220
    Spindle to Table Distance mm150-800
    Spindle Number BT50
    Spindle Rotation Speedsr/min10-4000
    Spindle TorqueNm400
    Travel Longitude(X)mm1295
    In Feeding SpeedsLongitude(X)mm/min10-8000
    Fast In Feeding SpeedLongitude(X)mm/min10000
    Spindle Servo PowerKw30
    In Feeding Servo PowerLongitude(X)Nm28.4X4
    Positioning Accuracymm0.02/10000.01/1000
    Re-positioning Accuracymm0.020.01
    Max Worktable WeightT6
    This machine is bridge type vertical machine center with horizontal moving beam occupies a small area and has great bearing capacity. Milling, boring, drilling, and tapping all these processes can be made in one clamping. This machine is used to the automobiles, motorcycles, printing machinery, textile machinery, vehicles and other machinery manufacturing industry for the parts processing.
    Main Features
    a. The main features of machine tool are: worktable and the wall beam are the overall structure, all of the transmission parts, guide rail are elevated a meter above the worktable, improves the protection grade. The layout is Reasonable and advanced, the appearance is beautiful. The lateral, longitudinal and vertical guide rail adopts large size roller linear guide rail, it has the peculiarities of high sensitivity. Transmission adopts precision gear and rack. Longitudinal, lateral and head adopts double motor to backlash; vertical adopts gravity backlash; longitudinal transmission and beam lifting all equipped with double drive, column, beam good synchronization, the machine spindle is motorized spindle with central water cooling function. The complete machine is of good rigidity, high precision and high stability.
    b. The machine tool control system can configure SIEMENS system, FANUC system, SYNTEC system and AC servo motor.
    c. CNC system adopts man machine conversation, so menu selection, background edits and programming function is powerful and easy to learn. Large memory capacities, perfect diagnostic function, display the alarm message, easy to maintenance. It has the pitch compensation and cutter compensation function.
    d. According to customer requirements, CNC control system can configure any brand.
    e. Cutter have automatic assemble and unassembled function, adopts knife library.
    f. The machine tool adopts automatic timing quantitative lubrication device.
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